Ingrid Zellner

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... this is the first out of several white reindeer I met on my trips to Sweden. And every time I got the feeling that they came to bid me welcome and home in Sápmi, the Sámi's and reindeer's land in Northern Scandinavia.


Malin and the White Reindeer
A story for children and grown-ups


In a starry winter night in Sweden, six-year-old Malin meets a white reindeer with the ability to speak. Her name is Dálvi, and she turns out to be a wise and insightful friend for the little girl. 
Using the legends and traditions of the Sámi people of Northern Scandinavia, Dálvi teaches Malin many beautiful and exciting things about life, nature, seasons, elves and trolls, and the wondrous Northern Lights. 
A book parents will love as much as their children do, full of imagination and wisdom.

tredition, 2017 (80 pages)
Original Edition 2015 in German

Paperback (ISBN 978-3-7439-7729-7): € 9,99 / £ 9,85 / $ 12,99
tredition / / / / Autorenwelt

eBook (ISBN 978-3-7439-7730-3): € 2,99 / £ 2,68 / $ 3,59
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"A charming tale of timeless enchantment and changing seasons. This would be a good family read-aloud for beginning readers; a fun read for slightly older readers, say nine through ninety or so." (Amazon Customer, 5/5)

"What a marvellous, great, enchanting book! The summary doesn't give a mere idea how magic the world waiting for the reader really is. (...) Ingrid Zellner can do magic - she has proved this with "Malin and the White Reindeer", beyond any doubt. A book for children, a book for adults, a book to lose yourself in completely and to read it to others. And one of the most beautiful stories I've read for a long, long time." (dovlandau, 5/5)

"Ingrid Zellner is able to enchant the reader with her poetic words and this lovely story. Almost incidentally she delivers important messages for both children and adults. This book is pure magic that left me with a tear in my eye. Thank you!" (ManjaEls, 5/5)

"The wise reindeer and sweet six-year-old Malin are portrayed very likeably, and the worldview communicated by Dálvi contains a message of peace which needs no further explanation: Everything is linked together, animals, plants, people, dead and living, sun and flowers, rain and grass. Things surely heard before but hardly ever read in such a beautiful way." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

"While the enchanting book "Malin and the White Reindeer" by Ingrid Zellner is a fairy tale aimed at children, adults will also find themselves falling in love with the imaginative plot and its unexpected wisdom. This beautiful book is a great present for young readers. Parents reading the book to their children will enjoy the magical adventure together." (tredition)


Malin and Dálvi at home in Sápmi!

Happy to know that "Malin and the White Reindeer" found its way to Ájtte (principal museum of Sami culture, special museum for the mountain region, information centre for mountain tourism) in Jokkmokk/Sweden and is sold there - both in English and in German - in the museum shop and in the web shop.

Ich freue mich, dass "Malin und das weiße Rentier" - sowohl in deutscher als auch in englischer Sprache - nun auch im Museumsshop des Ájtte (Hauptmuseum für samische Kultur, Spezialmuseum für die Fjällregion, Informationszentrum für Bergtourismus) in Jokkmokk/Schweden erhältlich ist. (Ebenso im Webshop des Museums.)